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Home base is Balsam Hall, 811 Gore Rd. Kingston ON Canada.  We also have a facebook page you can follow to see what daily life at an eventing barn  feels like.  Like us to find out!  We look forward to hearing from every applicant for our working student program.  Email us at 

The working students work with Selena and Morag at Balsam Hall.  The barn houses 25-27 horses at any given time.  The farm is an eclectic mix of boarders, young horses, schoolmasters and competition horses, including Selena’s international horses.

The students do normal barn chores in the morning and afternoon, feeding  hay four times a day and skip the stalls three times a day, so chores tend to slip into all the gaps between rides.  Most students work two or more horses a day.  There is a working student lesson most days.

The barn is busy at all levels of competition with competition horses covering a range from Olympic to the local ‘walk trot’ test.  O’Hanlon Eventing has an enthusiastic and tight knit community of clients and staff who work together to make Balsalm Hall an interesting and enjoyable learning environment.  Most of the student teaching is done by either Morag or Selena and the lessons are an intense part of the day.


Once a student is accepted, we suggest a trial period.  Financial arrangements depend on whether or not the student has a horse and/or wishes to apply to ‘live in’.

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