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Fuel  and Maintenance                                       

$10,000.00+ per show season

(annual average kms traveled: 75,000 km)

Entry Fees                                                           

$10,000.00+ per show season


$20,000.00+ per year

Coaching / Training                                             

$10,000.00+ per year

Farrier / Therapies and other Modalities         

$6,000.00+   per year

Veterinary Care                                                   

$7,000.00+   per year

Total annual expenses                                    




Audience Demographic at Advanced Level Competitions

  • Females comprise 85% of participants

  • The average age is 39

  • 40% earn an excess of 150k per year

  • 80% have a college degree

  • The average home value is 412,000 USD

  • 81% own their primary residence outright

  • 15% own a second home

  • 78% are members of a frequent flyer program

  • 97% have one or more credit cards

  • 55% of the automobiles owned were purchased with the last year

  • Participate in approximately 14 events per year

  • Own an average of 5 horses each

Avera​ge Equestrian Demographic in North America

  • Female (75% of those interviewed)

  • BRAND loyal consumers

  • “Baby-boomer” generation (median age 50 – 59 years of age)

  • 46% national industry rider participation age is between 40-59 years of age

  • Well-educated (85% with some post secondary education)

  • The national average annual income of horse owners to non-horse owners who earn over 100k per year is 4-1.|

  • In Ontario, living in households with a median annual income of $80,000 – $100,000

  • The ratio of equestrians who own other pets (dogs and cats) to the general population is 3 to 1

  • There are 15,000,000 people over the age of 12 who ride a horse on a regular basis.


Sponsor exposure on various platforms including:

  • website with feature sponsor splash page and write up

  • Industry circulated blog at a major industry magazine website: Morag’s blog at

  • Social Media exposure through a strategic social media strategy including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Local exposure when featured in local papers

  • Local exposure for annual events held at Balsam Hall, Kingston, ON, Canada

  • Use of your product  and participation in your ads

  • Wear your product logo while competing, training, coaching and as a host clinician (abiding with Team Canada (Team)  and/or “other” restrictions in accordance with Team policies and regulations)

  • Hang your advertising banners at competitions (where permitted) and at home

  • Truck or Trailer decal exposure opportunities – average 75,000 km per season equals high profile decal exposure.  A direct marketing opportunity.

  • Be a spokesperson for your product (Selena is very professional and well spoken, an excellent brand ambassador and influencer)

  • Access to an elite, BRAND LOYAL audience\market with proven high income purchasing power totaling 19.6 billion dollars annually

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