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When: Saturdays at 7.00 Feb 6, 13, 20, 27, and March 6, 13.

Where: Zoom: Link will be provided to you via e-mail prior to the lesson. 

How: It's easy!  

  1. Sign up for one  or all of the lessons. Don’t worry if you can’t make one. We will record the lessons and have it available to you to watch when you can.

  2. Complete registration form so we can contact you.

  3.  E-transfer


Session 1: The Importance of Position and Balance Visualizations and exercises to improve your horses performance. Participants will be introduced to Selena O’Hanlon’s favourites and we will explain how we use them to impact our horses.  Selena will demonstrate on both green and inexperienced mounts

Session 2: Applying Correct Aids from the Correct Position Thinking about the horse understanding your aids and maintaining the balance. We will discuss the correct aids and how to improve transitions, turns and circles, lateral work.  Including the half halt and when and how to use it. 

Session 3: Adding Poles and Cavaletti Learn how to build and correctly accomplish poles and gridwork that will build the strength and balance you need for Dressage or Jumping. 

Session 4: Jumping Rhythm, Line, Balance, Position and Exercises to prepare yourself and your horse for the Spring. Blending your flatwork training with your jumping exercises so that one compliments the other.

Session 5: Groundwork, Long Lining and Lunging. How to? Why to? When to? When not to? Basic stable management rules to compliment performance

Session 6: Designing a Custom Program Participants will be guided to develop programs to prepare a horse for competition and other goals using the tools from the first five sessions.  We will discuss programs to prepare for Jumper, Evening and Dressage.  You will learn how Selena prepares a program for her young horses doing their first ever competition and her FEI horses with carefully constructed programs that build over the month and years with a goal to develop an Olympic level horse.


PRIVATE sessions: Have your own private virtual trainer! Submit a 20- 30 min video of you riding. Morag or Selena will watch your video with you and give you expert teaching advice. Videos may be of flat work, lunging or jumping. Cost: $100 per hour session (review of tape and discussion with you).


Sign up for one or all of the sessions here.

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